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Time & Labour Management Systems

Today’s automated Time & Attendance systems are a powerful resource for employees and businesses, both large and small. When properly configured and implemented, it can be designed to offer exceptional convenience, and can substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of labour, increasing efficiencies and assist in streamlining the business. 

More and more organizations are looking to optimize their use of labour – their single largest overhead – and minimize labour-related costs. Many organizations are replacing the stand-alone, often manual systems used to manage staff hours and working patterns with integrated software-driven systems that make the whole process of managing attendance, absenteeism, overtime, scheduling and vacation leave considerably easier. 

GPSP's Time & Labour Management Services Include: 

  • Products and solutions for managing and automating time & attendance/flexible working

  • Skill tracking that can help companies run in a more smooth operation of their daily activities

  • Planned and unplanned absences

  • Scheduling & staffing rosters

  • Legislative compliances

  • Activity recording

  • Overtime hours

GPSP and our partners will help assist your organisation to efficiently manage and optimize workforce planning, labor scheduling & modelling, facilitate flexible

working options, respond to legislative compliances and best practice obligations, as well as managing planned and unplanned absences.

When configured and implemented, these solutions can deliver tremendous savings, efficiencies and assist in streamlining the entire business.

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