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Professional Employment Organization

PEOs are a common solution for businesses that operate temporarily, or sometimes permanently, in countries outside the USA. PEOs assumes a significant portion of employer responsibilities and associated risk for either part or all of a client’s workforce.

GPSP Inc. operates as a
co-employer, via contract,  to provide comprehensive health care benefits and payroll management to small and medium sized businesses.

We also help reduce HR liability risks so you can focus on growing your business.


In the past, business owners were concerned they would lose some element of control over the workforce. This was and still is not the case. Our PEO professionals handle only the back office administration and compliance; you manage your employees as you did the day before the PEO contract was signed.

We can facilitate and administer all of your payroll needs including direct deposit, payroll and employment tax, W–2 preparation and delivery, Human Capital Management, and much more. Not only that, we also give you valuable insight with our detailed country-by-country reporting capabilities.

In a nutshell, we contractually hire everyone in your firm operating in a specific country. We then put them on our payroll and your employees are then contractually “leased” back to you.


You benefit by having the capabilities to operate anywhere in the world without having to incorporate and manage a separate subsidiary abroad. Plus, you always direct and control your employees’ day-to-day activities. 


Using our PEO services abroad, you get:

  • Fast and low cost entry into new markets

  • Relief from the burden of incorporating in foreign countries

  • Relief from the burden of employment administration

  • Relief from the burden of accounting and tax administration in foreign countries

  • Fast and low cost exit from existing markets

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