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Negotiating the Contract

From our experience very few companies have a standard template for outsourcing administrative services.

Each provider has its own template. Imagine the work if you have to close 10, 20 or 50 agreements. Have pity on your Legal Department!

We are prepared to help develop a standard agreement that is acceptable to both you and your new client, thus cutting down the costs of negotiations and reaching agreement.


After the ink is dry on the agreement, the actual work starts. Timelines need to be developed, milestones agreed upon, the implementation team selected and then all the data from the client firm needs to be transferred to your systems (set-up and implementation). Although this can be a relatively short and painless exercise, it is usually a lengthy, frustrating and expensive process.

At GPSP we have years of experience in dealing with global providers, managing a company’s multi-jurisdictional set-up process, managing budgets, and meeting the set milestones. 

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