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Managing The Delivery of Services

It is imperative that somebody within your firm is chosen as the “go to” person for the project. In other words, whom within in your organization is going to manage all the questions, issues and requests for documents/ dates that unquestionably will arise from the client’s side, as well as, your local management within your firm’s headquarters?

An intermediary, such as GPSP, is familiar with deflecting all the potential issues that may arise and prevent possible relations to go sour before they start. Because we are independent, we also report directly to you, your team, or your firm’s Board of Directors (if required). We will solve most issues without any parties losing face and ensure that your outsourcing stays on target and on budget.

Managing The Transition

Outsourcing agreements usually have a defined period between set-up times, systems testing and gradual start-up of services.  It is during this transition process that the rubber hits the road. Will there be a need to renegotiate or look for a different provider? How will this transition be managed across many differing time zones? How will data be transferred to different systems? Who within your organization will be tasked with transferring the knowledge and system requirements?

Rest assured -- We are experienced in dealing with all the above and we are here to help.

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