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Toronto, Canada - GPSP Inc.
Bridgetown, Barbados - GPSP Inc.
Kausina, British Virgin Islands GPSP
St. George, Grenada - GPSP Inc.
Rotterdam, Netherlands - GPSP Inc.
Island of Anguilla - GPSP Inc.
Barcelona, Spain - GPSP Inc.
Guatemala City, Guatemala -GPSP Inc.
Willemstad, Curacao - GPSP Inc.


Global Professional Services Partners, Inc. (GPSP) is the formation of strategic partnerships by industry leading professionals giving our clients access to a wide range of services around the world. With over 50 years of combined experience, we provide services to employees in any jurisdiction, in multi-lingual and multi-currency format. We have earned our solid reputation by finding concrete solutions that enable leaders to refocus on the high-level elements of their business.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals will guide your organization by providing critical compliance information and cutting edge solutions to typical HR challenges. Having a different service provider for every jurisdiction is a thing of the past due to integrated technology and standardized reporting.

At GPSP we provide a wide range of innovative services incorporating best practices and emerging technologies into a complete suite of outsourced solutions in more than 80 countries.

We understand each organization is unique, we are committed to providing our clients and partners with complete solutions that offer independence and seamless results to fit business demands. We accomplish this by tailoring services to suit your company's diverse culture and requirements, with the support of our professional team.  


To create successful client and provider relations; we remain focused on making the outsourcing process as efficient and satisfying as possible.


Provide our clients with sufficient global mobility and transparency in the process of outsourcing key components of their business.

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